CSII Details


Here is a list of some of the things I provide an artist (Please read Client Services prior to this page):

  • Assist Artist in developing their career & strive to procure a recording contract

  • Promote Artist in every vehicle possible to gain maximum traction in the public eye

  • Help Artist procure social media assistance if requested (Artists expense)

  • Analyze Instagram, Facebook, and all social media and advise

  • Help facilitate a sharing method between Artist, Manager, and social media manager (if Social Media Management acquired)

  • Advise on how to organize social media

  • Advise the upkeep on the bands biography & EPK on a regular basis

  • Schedule photo shoots

  • Submit music to sync agencies for licensing and publishing opportunities

  • Submit music to advertising agencies for licensing and publishing opportunities

  • Assist Artist in finding a space to rehearse & living space when needed, including tour destinations

  • Submit pitches to blogs and local magazines in an attempt to garner press for Artist on a limited scope. For a more full time, complete, & successful media campaign a formal Public Relations firm is recommended and manager will give referrals and help Artist secure.

  • Brand collaboration- As Manager, I will seek out brands that Artist might be able to get income or other value from a partnership and or endorsement.

  • Collaborative relationships- As Manager, I will maintain close contact with all parts of team members including distributor, PR, any business advisor or other to ensure things are being done to the best of their ability for the band and in a timely manner

  • Listen and evaluate all music, provide feedback and advice, including order of single releases, commercial viability etc.

  • When ready and further developed, as Manager, will submit Artist to contacts to reach major labels and indie labels

  • Assistance in production

  • Oversee all content creation including videos

  • Oversee live shows and appear when feasible

  • Will submit Artist for interviews on podcasts and local radio

  • As Manager will collect monies on behalf of Artist if money is owed, to be delivered to Artist or applied to fee arrangement

  • Booking (limited scope, unless booking client): recording time, interviews, and appearances.




Please note that all pricing is subject to change so please call to verify quote or obtain your custom quote for your specific needs and budget.

  • Consultation fee is $250 for first 1-2 hours and $150 per hour following (TAX DEDUCTIBLE) for music, film, art direction, festival production, virtual tutorials & brand collaboration. (See “Weekly Consultation”)

  • Photography Consultation fee & tutorials (virtual) is $150 for first 2 hours and $150 per hour following (TAX DEDUCTIBLE) for virtual custom tutorials where you can choose the photography subject of each session. Single photo and photo session reviews offered. For the professional, student, or hobbyist. *30% student discount for virtual photography consultations & tutorials only. **On location available for custom quotes.

  • Artist Development; partial packages starting at $500 monthly retainer (TAX DEDUCTIBLE)

  • Artist Development; all-inclusive package fee includes all items above, call for personal quote (TAX DEDUCTIBLE)

    Note- when all inclusive contract Development packages exceed monthly retainer fee the compensation is switched to a commission structure

  • Management: Fee is based on a case by case basis

  • Weekly Consultation: Fee’s available at discount on a case by case basis (such as if consultations exceed more then 1 or 2x per month)

  • Customizable packages and special projects: call for quote on based on your budget and needs and we’ll see how we can help!

  • EP or LP in-depth professional analysis with notes: Great for final mixing or general feedback. I will provide key producer notes that will help you reach the maximum potential for each song for final mixes or detailed feedback that can assist you in order of release and in your growth as an artist. Can include up to 10 songs. Send your recorded material in and receive a detailed summary of each song in return. You can also provide specific notes on what you are looking to obtain. Expect honest evaluations. INTRO RATE $50 for first time clients.