Lemmy Kilmister ~ by jeanne rice

Lemmy Kilmister ~ by jeanne rice

I’m Ready ARE YOU?

Are you looking to improve your position in the music & entertainment field? Whether you need someone to consult with weekly, monthly, project by project, or on a regular basis, I have packages that can be customized and tailored for your needs. If you need a 1 on 1 virtual instructor/ coach we got you.

For over 25 years I have been a professional who has worked in both the music industry, fashion, marketing, art, photography, & film. It is an unmatched level of broad work experience & education for you to tap into.  My clients have included celebrities, record labels, agencies, filmmakers, and magazines such as Rolling Stone, Spin & NME. I never represented Lemmy Kilmister. He had a great manager, though Lemmy was both a friend and a photo subject. He opened his life up to me because I understood him and would assist to make sure he was well taken care of whenever in my presence. I closely watched his manager do the same. I continued to go above and beyond for countless artists throughout my career. If your needs fall into any of the above mentioned categories then chances are I can assist you and I am ready!


Development packages are tailored to work with an artist to focus on maximizing growth potential. Similar to the Management Package we work in a 360 degree manner. No stone left unturned. However in the development stage there are other duties that are focused on compared to those we focus on when your project is ready to go full sail. Your brand and how it is presented is key to your success. Using my wide variety of experience and contacts I will work on key elements to help you unlock your highest potential and propel you forward as an artist.

Development packages are geared towards high function and shorter term though they can move into longer term relationships


Music: If you have questions that arise on occasion for your music project, if you need someone to sit in on your band practice and advise, if you would like someone to review your catalogue of work, If you need advice on the orders a single should be released, if you need your social media reviewed, if you have music you would like a silent or non-silent co-producer on. These are amongst some of the many things you can utilize the consultation structure for.

Film & Music Video: I have served to offer direction in color treatment on both an indie film and major motion picture. I also have on set experience both in front of the camera and behind the camera. As a former published photographer my eye serves to help assist filmmakers obtain the best shots to make an impactful statement with their film.

Art Direction: As an art director I have experience serving as a liason between an agency, client, and image maker. I utilize this experience to help all my clients share their art so it is heard and seen the way they envision.  

Photography: Get one on one private virtual tutorials in the curriculum you need to learn that helps you grow your business or better understand your hobby. You don’t have to sit through days of useless information in boring conferences. Get on set assistance, on location or at home advice. Shoot reviews which actually tell you what changes you can make to improve your image making.

Festival, Events & Brand Partnerships: Consultations are available by phone or in person for anyone around the globe interested in learning what it takes to produce their own event and or secure brand partnerships. Team consultations with staging & lighting professionals available (call for quote). I am available to hire as a producer or talent booker on a project by project basis. Festivals are one of the highlights of what I love to do in my career and a passion.


For the artist that is beyond the beginning stages of development. Similar to the mindset of the Development package but on a more advanced level. 360 degree management is a term I like to use. Simply referring to literally covering every single aspect of an artists career and overseeing it. Leaving no stone unturned. I only take on a few management clients at a time so I am looking for artists who work hard, are packing their local spots, and willing to listen, learn and be open to growth. Coming from a self-employed entrepreneur artist background with recording experience I can step inside your shoes. I’ve seen many sides of the business and the struggles of the musicians today. This program is geared toward a goal of a long term relationship. Synchronicity is key and the genre must make sense to the areas I love to work in. In the same manner I must also be a good fit for you, the artist, for us to have the most successful working relationship. If you think this is you, let’s talk!

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