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Jeanne Rice

Entertainment Professional based in Los Angeles, California


Jeanne Rice is an entertainment producer, director, talent booker, manager, retired photographer, artist and all around creative entrepreneur living in Southern California. Her photography work began after starting & running a graphic design company who's clients included major music event production companies, including Avalon Attractions (now Live Nation and AEG). Soon after beginning lengthy studies in photography, marketing, art, & business her work in music, film, fashion, portraits, and even auto racing were being published in magazines around the globe. Her work has been seen in Rolling Stone, NME, Spin, The New York Post, her hometown publication of the OC Weekly and many more. She was soon called upon for wedding clients who like her edgy infused rock and roll style and was asked to photograph celebrity clientele to capture their most intimate days. This was in addition to her well known creative portraits of musicians, politicians, the business elite, celebrities, and people of all walks.

She currently is often found out frequenting small clubs finding the newest next big upcoming talent in the indie scene. Having grown up with a camera in hand at a young age, a musical family and with a recording background of her own; Jeanne finds ways to keep music and entertainment a continuing part of her life's work in all forms. Her recent ventures include booking artists for one of the largest Coachella VIP parties, Vestal Village, producing a follow up event for Vestal, producing & booking Happy Sundays Music Festival , curating photography exhibitions, consulting with artists & industry, including film producers, and also producing her own night of next level talent curations called Indie Ignited. The talent on Indie Ignited has been proving themselves worthy with one of the first acts, The Jacks, signing their first major record label deal with Universal, Leo James Conroy being asked to open up for Tash Sultana on her East Coast Tour, and Spendtime Palace and The Palms selling out key LA venue’s. Indie Ignited started off with a bang on select dates at the beautiful new House of Blues venue in Anaheim, California and has now moved on to be a showcase that can pop up anytime at any location, including Happy Sundays festival main stage 2018 and her desert festival production in 2019, Moonrise, which included some of LA’s best indie talent.

In 2019 she began working with the Quartz Talent Agency. Never a one project woman she also began working with an artist overseas assisting in the creation of an epic ballad from one side of the globe to another following up with a trip to the South of France. No artist is too far and no artist is out of reach. As an advocate for artists, Jeanne continues to live her passion to elevate all artists careers worldwide. You never know where she might appear next. It might even be inside the music video of one of your favorite bands. The doors are always wide open to possibility.

As someone who knows about dealing with celebrities, I can tell you that she is magic with the entertainment community as well. That’s a skill only learned by observing and having a trained ear and actually not relying on Twitter. She’s old school in her approach and new school in her finished product.
She’s always working....looking for the next big thing and preserving the current big thing.

PLUS, and get this, she’s nice! --Pat O’Brien” Emmy Award winning television and radio host formerly of Access Hollywood, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star recipient, and South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Member.

Based in Los Angeles, CA

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